SkiDoo 850 E-tec turbo

We are now working with a turbo kit to the new SkiDoo 850.

The turbo kit will be reliable, quiet, and easy to install.

The turbo boost will automaticly adjust itself depending on weather and altitude, so the power will always be the same.

We plan to sell large numbers of this kit, so the price will be really competetive.

Our plans is to start selling this turbo kit in December.

We are not forced to use a perticular brand of turbo charger. We will test many different ones, so we are sure we get the best result.

We will spend much time for durability tests. We will not offer a turbo kit that is not reliable.

The MC Xpress Ski Doo 850 turbo kit will look something like this. (see picture)


We will be able to show much more info in October after the first sleds reached their customers in USA.