Water cooler kits

Many snowmobiles are running hot when driving slowly and when the surface is hot, especially when driving in the spring.

We can offer water cooler kits to several snomobile models.

The fan is controlled by a thermostat.

On the two stroke models, the fan starts when the water temperature reach 50 degree C, and at 70 degree, the fan reach 100% speed.

The four stroke models, the fan starts at 80 degree C, and reach full speed at about 95 degree.

We can offer cooler kits to the following models:

Arcitc Cat and Yamaha 600/800 cc 2 stroke

Yamaha Sidewinder / AC 9000 turbo

Yamaha Venom/AC Blast 2-stroke 400 cc

Arctic Cat 660 Bearcat, fits both with MCX turbo and without

Polaris 650 and 850 2-stoke

For more info and how to install the kits, please check the installation manuals, or E-mail us.